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20 Years at the Bench

Brian Livingston, Chiropractor at The Lismore Clinic, has received an award for 20 years service, by the McTimony Chiropractic Association. Brian trained at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Oxford, and worked in a very busy clinic in the UK for 9 years. On moving to Ireland in 2004, he spent a couple of years working at The Lismore Holistic Centre, before joining the team at The Lismore Clinic in 2006. Since then he has used his vast knowledge and extensive experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, to help many people, both from the local area and those who travel from a miles away to see him, based on his excellent reputation.
McTimoney chiropractic was developed by a chiropractor called John McTimoney in the 1950s. He pioneered a new technique for adjusting the bones which consists of an extremely light, fast and usually painless movement. The adjustment encourages the bone to return to its correct alignment without forcing it or stressing the joint.Like osteopathy and other forms of chiropractic, McTimony helps to correct misalignment of the joints due to injuries, strenuous exercise, overuse of certain joints or muscles, poor posture, or degenerative diseases such as arthritis.  However, there is no violent manipulation involved and the treatment is suitable for people of all ages, including the elderly and young children.

Joints which move out of their correct position will often cause the surrounding muscles to go into spasm in an attempt to protect the joint against further damage, and to hold the body in the most ergonomic position possible. A shift in one part of the body will usually lead to a compensatory shift elsewhere in order to maintain balance.  For example, a tilted pelvis will often result in a curve in the upper spine, while a deviation of the knee joint will cause pressure and pain in the ankle joint.  The muscles around the site of compensation are also likely to tense up and this too can cause problems.Muscles which are in spasm become irritated and inflamed, leading to pain and stiffness.

Either the muscles or the misaligned bones themselves may also pinch the nerves or blood vessels in the surrounding areas, leading to problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and headaches. McTimony chiropractic can help to relieve problems affecting the muscles and other soft tissues around the joints, as well as misalignment of the bones themselves.Orthodox treatment for musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis and injuries usually consists of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. These can be very helpful for managing severe pain in the short term. However, they do not address the underlying cause of the pain, may be associated with side effects such as gastritis and stomach ulcers if used long term. In severe cases, surgery may be offered. However, most people consider this to be a last resort.

McTimony chiropractic can help to reduce the need for analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases surgery may be avoided altogether. Brian Livingston, chiropractor at The Lismore Clinic says that, “the number of treatments needed varies depending on the nature and duration of the problem.  A recent injury will generally heal more quickly than a long-standing problem, but typically people need between two and six sessions.” The most common problems that Brian treats on a regular basis include back, neck and joint pain, injuries, tension headaches and sciatica. “I also use other techniques including massage to relax the muscles and specific exercises to help maintain the adjustment,” he adds.

For more information about McTimoney Chiropractic you can contact Brian Livingston D.C. MMCA, on 087 783 8967