Reflexology is a gentle holistic treatment, which has been used since ancient times in Egypt and China. The theory behind reflexology is that all parts of the body are connected to reflex areas on the feet, a bit like a map of the body on the sole of the foot. Gently working on these areas can identify and treat issues with the related organs, glands or tissues.

A reflexology treatment lasts for around 50 minutes. You simply remove your shoes & socks and lie on a comfy couch, while the therapist uses precise hand and finger techniques to gently stimulate specific points on the feet and ankles. This leads to a deep sense of relaxation, which encourages the person’s own healing systems to be activated, thus helping the body to work more efficiently and maintain wellbeing.

Reflexology may be used to help stimulate blood and lymph circulation, and clear out accumulated toxins from the body. Reflexology can be used to help treat a wide range of conditions such as insomnia, stress & anxiety, headaches, and digestive problems. It can be used alongside modern medicine helping to speed up recovery and reduce symptoms.

It is a very safe treatment, which is ideal for pregnant women, and can help the body to prepare physically and mentally for birth. It can aid with physical symptoms such as fluid retention and constipation; lead to deeper relaxation & improved sleep; and reduce stress, anxiety & fear about labour. It is even said to encourage labour to start where a baby is overdue!

Reflexology is also very beneficial for people who are undergoing chemotherapy, or indeed post-chemo, to help relieve stress, promote relaxation and help the body to recover back to a state of balance. It can be very soothing and restorative, increasing comfort, and wellbeing. Several studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health indicate that reflexology may enhance relaxation and sleep, reduce psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression in people with cancer, and relieve physical symptoms such as pain and peripheral neuropathy.

For further information about reflexology or to make an appointment, Please contact Zoe Railton at the Lismore Clinic, Lismore, Co Waterford on 058 53200, or directly on 087 616 8303.