Solas Cancer Support Centre

We are currently working in partnership with Solas Cancer Support Centre, to provide support services to people affected by cancer and their families, through the Lismore Clinic.

The Solas Cancer Support Service was established in Waterford in 1999, to provide a wide variety of support services, including counselling and relaxation therapies, to people affected by cancer and their families, free of charge. Support services are now also available through the Lismore Clinic, allowing easier access to services for people living in areas such as Lismore, Cappoquin, Araglin, Ballyduff and Tallow.

When someone contacts the Solas cancer support service for the first time, a relaxed, informal introduction meeting is arranged with the Solas Client Services Co- ordinator. This allows the individual time to reflect on their experience in a safe and confidential space. The individual has an opportunity to explore their feelings and needs, and to consider the resources that are available through Solas, that may be therapeutic and empowering to them.

The meeting is a foundation block in nurturing a sense of safety, trust, respect and belonging within the Solas Cancer Support service, for each individual. Following the introduction meeting, appointments for the appropriate services may be arranged by the Client Services Coordinator. The support services that are available at the Lismore Clinic include Counselling, Art therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Massage.

If you or someone in your family is affected by cancer, and feel that the Solas Cancer Support service may be of help to you or your family please call 051 304 604 or email to arrange an introductory meeting.